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Find your focus

Take a deep dive into your business.

Develop an ACTION PLAN for how to tackle your top business priorities over the next 90 days

Create your business blueprint for the next 90 days with CLARITY and FOCUS

 You're a busy entrepreneur. You have a team. Multiple projects and programs. BUT... 


You're overwhelmed with too many things to do and not enough time to focus on what’s important. 

You're not sure which direction to turn.

You focus too much on the small things.

You don't have enough time for revenue-generating activities.

The Blueprint Creator: Strategy Session, helps you to develop CLARITY and FOCUS.

Specifically designed for entrepreneurs making between $1-3K per month. This system and growth-focused session is designed for the entrepreneur not yet ready to hire an OBM but wants to know how to scale efficiently without a hefty financial commitment.


Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to ask the right questions, to help you develop awareness on what you need to do to effectively run your business.

As a Certified Online Business Manager, I can help set you on the right path by seeking to really understand your business as it stands today along with your vision for the future.

The Transformation


Imagine the ability to focus on key priorities and gain momentum over the next 90 days.

Imagine the feeling of calm and relief knowing that there’s a clear plan of action to strive towards.

Imagine the feeling of excitement knowing you're on the right growth path.

 Blueprint Creator: Strategy Session Package 

Note - Strategy sessions can focus on:

  • overall business growth, or specifically on

  • systems/operations or

  • hiring the right fit team members.

What's not included:

+ All of the SOP's to get your business sorted, implementation and detailed project plan


Please note:

This package must be booked and redeemed within 3 months from the date of purchase.

The client is responsible for providing all requested information upfront, prior to the scheduled 75-minute call.

You MUST purchase with the same email address you used to sign up for a Discovery Call to ensure you receive all relevant post-purchase materials & instructions for booking your call!

What your session will include:

+1 x 75-minute one on one call with me!

+A comprehensive audit of your current systems and strategies

+Access to my experience without a hefty financial commitment. I will answer as many questions as you can ask in 75-minutes, from operations to systems, client onboarding & offboarding, hiring & firing, and everything in between!

+The comfort of working with someone looking inwards with an objective eye and fresh new perspective!

+You will receive a customized 90-day action plan outlining up to 3 key priorities with recommendations of how to get there.

+A walkthrough video of the report along with the recorded strategy session

+Follow up check in call to answer questions  

When we’re too close to things we can’t see the forest from the trees.

Let's take a deep dive into your online biz so we can define your focus over the next 90 days!

Investment: $695

Ready to find your CLARITY and FOCUS?

Client Feedback

"I’m so impressed with the depth of the report. There is enough information to be helpful, and not too much that it’s not overwhelming. Very impressive."


- Lisa Michaud, Speaker, Podcast Host, Founder of the GOALden Girls 

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