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If you're not sure what you need to do to move your business forward, here are some common scenarios that I can help you with:


PROBLEM: You or your team are spending too much time on tasks that you do often, leading to mistakes and a lack of clarity.

SOLUTION: Let's create systems that the team can follow. This will ensure consistency, competency, and pro-activity in the event that the "doer" is sick. You and your team will also save time and energy by not having to think about what to do each time. ​

PROBLEM: You are taking on too much, and you need to expand your team but don't have the time to figure out who or what. 

SOLUTION: Let's identify what needs to come off your plate, audit the current team and skillsets, and determine where the gaps are. This will allow you to hire the right team members who will be able to make life easier.

PROBLEM: You have a project management tool but it isn't working for you. 

SOLUTION: Let's look at the tool to see if it's implemented correctly and how your team is currently using it.

PROBLEM: You are struggling to keep up with refunds and customer dissatisfaction, as well as generate enough sales.

SOLUTION: Let's conduct a thorough audit of your course or program to identify areas of improvement.

RESULT: You will be able to focus more and gain better control of your business. This will lead to increased momentum, enabling you to devote more time to developing your business and transforming your clients' lives.

Sometimes it's hard to ask for help.
Letting go is part of business growth.

Services Offered


Are you looking for more efficiency in your biz? Let's set aside 30 minutes to chat and discuss what your needs are and how I can be of assistance.

Operations Management Monthly Retainer 

Services may include a combination of:

  • Project & Team Optimization

  • Project Planning

  • Multimedia & Podcast Production

  • System Optimization

  • Recruiting & Vetting Contractors

  • Strategy sessions & ongoing check-in meetings


Retainers start at $1885 USD per month​

(Best for established businesses in the growth stage)

Project Based Work
  • Virtual Hiring

  • Business Systemization

  • Project Management

Custom pricing packages

  • Business Strategy Sessions with 90 day-action plan

  • Course Planning Workshop

  • Systems Audit

  • Business Consulting 

From $650 USD


Consultation &
Strategy Sessions

Who is this for?

I work with course creators & educators, coaches, and speakers.​ You have a team and you want to scale without the chaos. ​

A Lovely Human

As a small business, it can often feel like there is so much to do, and not enough time. With Simmi on the team, she identifies what needs to happen, how we can make it easier, and ensures tasks are completed. She is professional, strategic, and a lovely human being too. 

Lisa Marie Michaud


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