Sometimes it's hard to know where to start. 

You've been in business for a while. You've seen success. You've managed by cobbling systems together. You're flying by the seat of your pants. You see growth in your future, and you know there is a better way to do things. But as it is you don't have time to focus on what you're truly great at. Your run the risk of making poor decisions because you are spread way too thin. So now what?

You need a partner, with an outside perspective (a fresh set of eyes) to come in and identify what the business is doing well and what can be done better. This starts with business audits of your team, systems, marketing touchpoints, courses, programs etc. That's where your Online Business Manager (OBM) comes in. We can help you identify what needs doing first, plan how to get things done, and make recommendations for improvements.​


We can also help to plan projects (in their infancy) - so if you want to start up a new course or membership, we can conduct full course planning workshops to flesh out the details and create a blueprint for an offer that can be validated.

Result: you will gain more focus and clarity, you will feel less scattered and in greater control of your business, your biz will gain momentum, you can spend time thinking and being the CEO and visionary you were meant to be while growing the biz, and truly transforming your students. 


What do you think?

Services Offered

Online Business Management Retainer   

Services may include a combination of:

  • Project & Team Management

  • Programs & Launches

  • Multimedia & Podcast Production

  • Systems & Standard Operating Procedures

  • Recruiting & Vetting Employees/Contractors

  • Strategy sessions & ongoing check-in meetings

Retainers starting at $1885 USD per month​

Course Refresh

- Course/Program Audit

- Recommendations for improvements

- 30 min follow up call to answer any questions.

From $597 USD


Business Audits for:

Each package starts at $695 USD

Includes deep dive and assessment of one key area and recommendations


Project-based implementation packages also available, starting at $1295 USD 

Who is this for?

We work with course creators & educators, documentary filmmakers, producers, coaches, and speakers.​

How can these services benefit you?

  • Do you have so much on your plate that you don't know where to start?

  • Do the days blur into nights?

  • Do you have a team of people that rely on you to give them direction daily?

  • Are you spending too much time on the details, and not enough time on your vision?

  • Do you run a successful 6-7 figure business, while working 12 hours a day putting out fires?

  • Are your launches chaotic?

  • Do you have high refund requests and low completion rates?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you need help.

We can make life easier for you so you can get back to your zone of genius.

Showing you how to get sh*t done is what we do best.​


Let's hop on a 30-minute discovery call to find out what you need, and learn more about how I can help.