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Momentum Builder:

People Audit

Find your WHO

Before you hire, let's figure out what's on your plate, who's on your team and what skillsets you need to bring onboard make life better.

Let’s take a deep dive into your online biz so we can build the momentum you need to reach new heights!

What's not included:

+ Implementation including job descriptions, hiring questions, assessment templates, hiring of team members, subcontractor agreements


Please note:

This package must be booked and redeemed within 3 months from the date of purchase.

The client is responsible for providing all requested information upfront, prior to the scheduled 75-minute call.

Investment: $695

Book a call so we can ensure this package meets your needs prior to purchasing!

Ready to add momentum to your business by putting together the right team?

Add momentum to your business while scaling by putting the right team in place. Ready, Set, Go!

 You're a busy entrepreneur. Stuck in the "doing". You may or may not have a team. You have ALOT going on. AND you are... 


Unsure of whether you even have the right team in place

Feeling stuck because things aren’t moving fast enough

Feeling burnt out because you have too many "things" to do which leaves you depleted for the things ONLY YOU can do like create content

Unsure of whom you need to bring on next

Concerned that you don't have enough time to find the right people

Not used to delegating so you don't know what to delegate


Imagine the confidence in knowing whom to bring on to ease your workload and help to accomplish goals over the next 3-6 months

Imagine the feeling of understanding what existing team members are capable of so that tasking is easier

Imagine being clear on what should be delegated so you have more time to focus in your zone of genius

Imagine the feeling of optimism and freedom as a result of knowing who to hire

The Transformation


 Momentum Builder: People Audit 


What your audit will include:

+1 x 75-minute working session with me!

+A comprehensive audit of current workloads 

+Recommendations for organizational structure + identification of team roles and responsibilities 

+Recommendations of whom on the existing team can meet the needs and who needs to be hired

+The comfort of working with someone looking inwards with an objective eye and fresh new perspective!

The Momentum Builder: People Audit, is a team growth plan that helps you figure out who you should be hiring next. 

While you may be fully aware that you need to expand the team, the thought of hiring can feel the point where you keep putting it off. And that's not healthy or sustainable. Not to mention that it can be overwhelming to have to take time out to figure out what you should and shouldn't be doing.


As a Certified Online Business Manager, I will bring an objective and educated eye to your business. We'll assess who is doing what, and we'll create a team growth plan that will set you on the course for sustainable growth and personal well-being.

Client Feedback

"The hiring was very thorough and allowed me the ability to participate asynchronously. It saved me time and I felt like I was a part of the process.."


- Cassian Nunez, Founder of RINO Invest 

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